SolaSkirt is the new premium solar panel pigeon proofing system that we developed to offer homeowners with installed solar, and solar PV installers, a better looking solution to keeping pigeons out from under solar panel arrays.

Pigeons are an increasingly common problem, once they are blocked from one array they move to other arrays and raise their chicks in the warmth and security that solar panels provide as cover.  This causes increased problems with damage to cables, guano build up and blocked drainpipes.

SolaSkirt is made of high quality aluminium, powder coated to matt black to give a sleek, black trimmed, finish to any array.  It works by gripping onto the solar panels, rather than any holes being drilled through them (which invalidates the warranty), and clamps the skirt to it.  This then not only keeps out birds but also enhances any array, covering up any gaps, rail and cable.  

Installation - We supply to installers all over the UK and also offer our own installation service in Surrey and the surrounding counties.  For more information check out our new SolaSkirt website.

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