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Titan Eco passes 300 SolaSkirt installs

Since inventing and launching SolaSkirt in late 2019 to early 2020 the demand for premium solar panel pigeon proofing has risen dramatically.  With 40 installs by the Titan Eco installation teams in 2020, albeit affected by Covid, we also sent out almost 1.5km of skirt to solar panel installation companies all over the UK for […]

The development in available solar panel sizes

In our 12-years in the solar industry, as well as the improved mounting systems, car charging, battery storage (to be covered in future posts) one of the key drivers to the industry has been the improvement in the panel efficiency, as well as the growth in the panel sizes.  Looking back at our first installs […]

Titan Eco launches SolaSkirt

With over 1 million residential solar installations in the UK pigeons are an increasing problem. With most solar panel installations…