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Solar Panel Instalation In South UK

Effective solutions for better results

With no Feed-in Tariff its more important than ever to match a Solar PV system and battery storage to your requirements. The aim is to maximise the consumption of the generated solar power, its much better to use the power when the price per kWh is 23p than export it back to the grid for 5.5p. We do this by by trying to find out as much as we can about you.

Solar panel installation steps that we need to take

Step 1 - About You

What are your reasons for wanting solar and battery storage, do you have a budget in mind, are you looking for fit and forget or do you want to actively monitor it. What is your consumption? Does it vary through the year? What price are you paying per kWh? Do you have any future requirements, such as changing to an electric boiler, electric car charging points, an increase in demand

Step 2 - About your building

What is the available space on your roof. Is it flat or sloping, what shading is there etc. With a number of great mounting systems to choose from we look to match the right mounting system to your building. We will put together a design that shows how the panels will be laid out on your roof and how much you can fit on..

Step 3 - Quote

At this stage we send out an indicative quote, from a desktop survey, with some options on solar panels and battery storage to give you an idea of costs and Return on Investment (ROI)

Step 4 - Site visit

If the quote looks good we organise a site visit to come out and investigate the building, check out the roof (with a drone if needed), check out your electrics and where you want to put the inverter and battery storage.

Step 5 - Proceed

If you are happy with our quote and us as a company we can proceed. We put in grid applications if needed at this stage, and also with long current lead times for battery storage we take a small deposit and place orders to get in the queue. We can then plan the installation and keep you informed of the next steps.