Solar PV System Output


Is your PV system generating what it should?

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Many system owners are unaware that their system is not generating what it should be, losing them Feed-in Tariff and Export income as well as leading to reduced savings on their electricity bill.

Titan Eco has developed a Solar PV generation calculator which will calculate what your residential or commercial system should have generated and compare it to your actual generation.  

Systems can underperform compared to their estimated performance for a number of reasons

  • System downtime - failed inverters or simply tripped switches can not be noticed for months

  • Shading - either incorrectly calculated initially or through new plant growth

  • Dirty panels - dirty panels can have a big impact on performance

  • PID - Potential Induced-Degredation - some panels can degrade faster than expected

  • Incorrect generation calculation - some installers overestimated the expected performance

To find out what your system should have produced and compare it against your performance, download our calculator.


(Note - File is a protected Excel file)

How to use

Fill out the yellow boxes.​

A) - your system size in kWp (on your MCS cert)

B) - Your estimated generation in kWh per kWp (not to be filled in)

C) - Estimated total generation per year (as shown on your initial quote)

D) - To work out your savings, enter your £ per kWh (unit) price

E) - To work out your FiT income, enter your original FiT price per kWh

F) - Estimated use of kWh - most system owners use as little as 50% of generated power

G) - Install date - when the system was activated (on your MCS cert)

H) - End date - defaults to todays date, but can be overwritten to look at a date range

I) - Your generation meter reading - take a current reading from your generation meter


  • Our solar PV calculator is a excel file.  Only the boxes in yellow can be amended.

  • Performance may deviate by up to 10% a year from estimated generation

  • FiT rate increases by 2.5% RPI each year

  • Titan Eco takes no responsibility for any system or systems performance.  The estimate generated by the calculator is only an estimate of performance

White Labelling the Solar PV calculator

Our Titan Eco is a great tool to show customers whether their system is underperforming or outperforming, which can create significant upselling opportunities to either improve performance or to store excess solar.  If you are interested in the calculator being branded with your own logo and information please ​contact us.