Titan Eco is a SolarCoin affiliate

Claim your FREE SolarCoins with Titan ECO

We have claimed 65MW in solar so far, generating 430,000 Solar Coins for customers across Europe

What Is Solar Coin

SolarCoin (SLR) is a Digital Asset created as a means to rewarding solar energy generation.  As an affiliate we apply for SolarCoins on behalf of our customers.  To date we have processed claims of over 65MW of solar from Europe and the UK.

The technology behind SolarCoin is similar to Bitcoin and based on the Blockchain. Photovoltaic facility owners receive SolarCoin by generating solar electricity at the rate of 1SLR/MWh (1,000kWh). SolarCoin can be redeemed with Titan ECO and exchanged for other currencies at a number of online exchanges.

You can claim SolarCoins back as far as 2010 and they are paid every 6 months for ongoing generation.

What can i claim

SLRs are generated by SolarGenerators, and generation can be back-dated until 2010.  Systems <20kWp are paid at 365days x 24hrs x 15% x kWp/1000.  Ths works out at 1.314 x kWp installed.  

If you installed a 50kWp system generating 900kWh per kWp in 2010 this will generate you 360 SolarCoins.

A 1MW system will generate 1,314 coins a year.

Claims are paid out as an initial adjustment grant, which is the available claim back dated to when your system was installed, or the1st Jan 2010, whichever is most recent, and then every 6 months as a 6-month periodic grant.

Claiming them is free, and as an affiliate Titan ECO receives a referral payment of 10% of the first years generation, which is paid from the SolarCoin Foundation, so it doesn't cost the claimant anything.

For more information check out our FAQ page

Steps to getting your free SolarCoins

  1. Download Coinomi (its free) to your phone (ios and Android) and set up an account.  Add in SolarCoin.

  2. Send Docs - Send us a scanned copy of your MCS certificate, a recent electricity bill and your Coinomi wallet address (click on SolarCoin and the Receive button at the bottom) to info@titaneco.co.uk

  3. Will will claim on your behalf - You will receive the initial adjustment grant of all the coins you have generated since your install date (or the 1st of Jan 2010, whichever is the most recent.

    You will then receive a periodic grant for all new generation, paid every 6-months.

Solar installers

If you are interested in offering solar coins to your customers we offer a service where the referral payment is split.  Please contact us on solarcoin@titaneco.co.uk for more information

More Information on SolarCoin

  • For more information on SolarCoin please go to www.solarcoin.org

  • For a info sheet on SolarCoin please click here

  • A 90 second video on SolarCoin: Click Here

  • 5 minute video explaining where SolarCoin gets its value from: Nature of Currency; a theory of network value. Click Here

  • SolarCoin prices can be tracked here

If you would like to claim your free SolarCoins please contact us on info@titaneco.co.uk

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For a great explanation on SolarCoins check out this great video by our fellow, Hong Kong based, SolarCoin affiliate SOLARLUX.