Installers FAQ

Our solar skirt improves the look of new PV system installations and its easy and quick to fit.

We work with installers to enable them to provide an improved service for their customers.


Why become a SolaSkirt Installer?

  1. Discount - 20% discount 

  2. Win More Sales - Many customers do not go ahead because they feel that on-roof solar PV systems are unsightly.  Black panels and rail has improved the look of PV systems but not always enough.  Presenting a better looking PV system vs your competitors that will also keep out pests will improve your chance of winning the deal.

  3. Prevent future damage - Most installers have had call-outs because pigeons or rodents have gained access under the panels to nest or damage cables.  Repair costs typically are over £1,000 with scaffolding needed and 2 - 3 installers on-site to take off the panels and fix the damage.  Fitting our PV skirt once the panels have been fitted and the scaffolding is still up makes great sense.

  4. Happy customers mean more business - A happy satisfied customer is more likely to refer your business to their friends.

  5. Quick to install - Mesh barriers can be fiddly to install, involving bending and cutting and can take a long time to fit, and often it looks unsightly.  Other PV barriers need to be cut to fit around rail offshoots which can take longer.  Our PV skirt can be fitted in seconds, with clamps tightened by an allen key and the skirt can be pre-cut to size from the ground or scaffold (we even sell pre-cut corners so that you always have the correct angle).  It not only takes less time but can often easily be fitted by one man.

  6.  Retrofit - A major problem with wire mesh installations is that it often needs a full scaffold and may need two men, which pushes the price up and may put off the customer.  Although cheaper to buy the additional costs can often push the price of installation up to over £1,000.  Our system is quicker to install, can easily be done from a ladder and/or roofing ladder (for suitable installations), harness or even cherry picker, meaning lower installation costs,  faster installation times and higher profit margins.

  7. Profit Profit Profit - Faster installation times means less manpower cost per system and so more systems can be installed in a day.  And installing better looking PV systems, or improving existing PV systems, means more referrals, and more margin to you.

  8. Limitations - Please note Trade Pricing is available for MCS accredited Solar Panel Installers or or pest control companies.  If you are interested in trade pricing please contact us.

Installer Resources

The Solar Skirt brochure and gallery pdf files can be sent to customers to show them the benefits and previous installations.

The installation manual gives clear, easy to follow, instructions on how to fit the solar skirt.

Become an approved Titan Eco Solar Skirt installer and receive trade discounts 

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