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Titan Eco Solar Skirt FAQ

Our Solar Skirt is designed to not only improve the look of solar panel systems but also to keep out rodents and birds.  Our FAQ section aims to answer any questions on it

  1. What makes the Titan Eco Solar Skirt better than the competition  - Our solar skirt is not only better looking than competitor products but it is also quicker to install and can even be done off of roof ladders.  Competitor products such as galvanised wire mesh can be time consuming to install, often needs full scaffolding and can look unsightly.  Our solar skirt can be pre-cut to size on the ground and fitted to the panels in seconds.   With a roof ladder or harness it can be fitted quickly and easily.  Another key benefit is that because our skirt is at a 45 deg angle it covers rail offshoots, so needs less cuts as well as improved aesthetics.

  2. Does it inhibit airflow? - If you go for the full surround it will still have better air flow than most in-roof systems.  It is designed to sit slightly off the roof to ensure air movement.

  3. How does the cost compare to other pigeon barriers - Our solar skirt is a premium product and designed to enhance the look of your PV system as well as keep out birds and rodents.  It is also designed to be quicker and easier to install, with pieces cut to size on the ground before being installed.  This means that it is quicker to install and often doesn't require scaffolding, and so the higher initial cost is more than offset by savings in labour and scaffolding.

  4. How much would a 16 panel system cost ( 2 x rows of 8 in portrait) - With the corner kit our system for a full 23m surround (8m on top, 8m on bottom and 3.5m each side) would cost a total of £433 + VAT incl shipping.  It would only require 4 lengths to be cut and could be installed in under 4-hrs by 1 man, access dependent.  Any questions please contact us

  5. What size panels does it fit? - It will fit any panel between 30mm and 50mm in width​

  6. Can i fit the Solar Skirt myself? - We recommend that our skirt is fitted by a solar installer or roofer, but it is straight forwards to fit if you have safe access to the panels.

  7. What tools do i need? - The clamps are supplied with an allen key and pre-cut corner sections can also be purchased.  To cut the aluminium rail a hack saw, a circular saw with aluminium cutting blade or a miter saw can be used.

  8. Do i need scaffolding? - This is site dependent.  In many cases it can be installed off of a ladder and a roofing ladder with a harness, or a portable tower and a roofing ladder.  In some cases it may be possible to just install it off of a ladder, and equally in many cases a full scaffold will still be needed.

  9. How do i know what to buy for a bottom skirt installation - A double clamp is needed between each 2 skirts, and a single clamp is needed in the middle of each skirt to avoid sag, with 2 more single clamps at the end.  So a 9m run of skirt needed would mean buying 8 skirts (8 x 1.2 = 9.6m), you will need 7 double clamps for each join, and you will need 10 single clamps, one for the middle of each skirt and one at each end.  We always recommend having spare clamps.

  10. How do i know what to buy for a full surround installation - We recommend buying our solar skirt corner kit for each corner.  Each kit includes 2 double clamps and 2 single clamps and 2 pre-cut 50cm skirts.  To calculate work out the total perimiter, deduct 1m for each corner and divide the remaining length by 1.2 to calculate the number of skirts needed.  For example 8 panels, 2 row in portrait, would have a perimeter of approximately 23 sq mtrs.   Deducting 1m for each corner leaves 19sq mtrs, which would equal 16 lengths of skirt and would need an additional 15 double clamps and 16 single clamps (not including the clamps that come with the corner kit).  We always recommend having spare clamps. 

Any questions please contact us