Titan Eco Solar Skirt

Make your Solar PV system stand out
  • Improves the look of solar PV systems
  • Hides unsightly gaps, wires & rail and water run-off
  • Keeps pigeons and rodents out
  • Easy and quick to fit
  • Clamps fit any panel from 30mm - 50mm
  • Powder coated clamps & skirt
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The Titan Eco Solar Skirt is solar roof skirt that  improves the look of solar PV systems and keeps out birds, squirrels and leaves and debris.

Solar panels can be the perfect place for pigeons and squirrels, who cause damage which can cost hundreds if not thousands to rectify.  Many existing solar panel protection kits are unattractive and can be complicated to fit, requiring scaffolding and a day to install.

Our Solar Skirt is quick and easy to install and can be installed without scaffolding.  The clamps take minutes to attach, the skirt can be easily cut to length, and we can even supply made up internal and external corners, so that they can easily and quickly be fixed.

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Benefits of Solar Skirt​

  • Looks great - solar panels can often be unattractive, especially the gap between the roof and the panels, even more so when there is uneven water run off and detritus from birds, animals plants.  Our Solar Skirt improves the look of every solar system giving them a sleek black trim.

  • Easy to install - Installation just involves fixing our clamps with an allen key and pre-cut lengths of skirt.  We can even supply ready made corners ready for installation.  Scaffolding is often not needed, with access from a ladder and rope & harness.  Unlike mesh it doesn't need to be cut, clamped, folded, bent etc. etc. and doesn't need expensive scaffolding.

  • Prevents birds & rodents - Pigeons nesting under panels and squirrels and other rodents chewing on wires can often mean a lot of mess and a damaged PV system that then requires full scaffolding and 2 - 3 men to take off the panels, clear the mess, fix the wiring, refix the panels and fit a mesh barrier to prevent it happening, which easily cost well over £1,000 to fix, not counting the lost production and Feed-in Tariff.  Installing the Titan Eco Solar Skirt can save on future expense.

  • Can fit any size system - Our system will work with any panel up to 50mm width

  • Prevent visible water run-off patterns and hides wires - water run-off can be unsightly and often the gap under the panels can show loose wires other detritus caught under the panels.

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