Solar Buyback

Offer your customers the chance to sell their remaining Feed-in Tariff for an upfront lump sum.  Benefits include

  • Cash lump sum upfront

  • Lease or no lease options available

  • Homeowner still benefits from free solar electricity

  • Free maintenance

  • Remote monitoring

Solar Panels on Roof

Sometimes circumstances change and a customer may be looking for some cash, whether that is to invest in a battery system, have a break of for other needs.  And if a homeowner decides to sell their property then they can't take the solar Feed-in Tariff payments with them.

However it is possible for them to receive an upfront payment by transferring the remaining FiT payments to an investment company.  A remote monitor is then installed so take remote readings and the system will be monitored.  The customer receives the free electricity that the PV system generates.  If the inverter fails the company will replace it as well.

Why Use Titan Eco?


We get the best deal - ​We work with multiple buyback companies which means that we can provide several options and customer offers, as well as lease and non-lease options.  

Referral payments - We will offer a cash referral fee for any buy-back.

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