Solar Feed-in Tariff Buyback

Titan Eco can help you turn your solar investment into a cash lump sum, while you still get the free electricity and we also provide you with a free maintenance and parts replacement contract.


By freeing up the cash locked up in your solar system, you can use the cash to invest in batteries and become truly off-grid, pay off any debts, re-invest or treat yourself.



What is the offer? - 

  • For a cash lump sum we buy your Feed-in Tariff for the remainder of its term

  • You keep the system and continue to receive all of the free electricity

  • We provide a free maintenance and product replacement service



How does it work? - 


Freeing up a cash lump sum for your FiT is an easy, quick process


  1. Enter in some details about your current system including the installation date, size of the system in kWp and how many kWh it has generated so far.  We can work out the rest.

  2. We send you a free quote, which is subject to a technical survey and is valid for 30-days.  If you decide to take the cash (on top of still keeping all of the free electricity generated), we will arrange the transfer of the FiT income over directly to us, replace your meter with one that sends the data directly to the web and give your system a healthcheck.

  3. After that thats it, we will monitor your system and make sure that its performing as well as possible, and you can continue to use all of the free electricity as before.