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Our Titan Eco Solar Skirt is the UK's first decorative solar skirt.  While popular in the US they have not yet been brought to the UK.  It not only completes the solar PV array, hiding unsightly gaps, rail and cable and generally improving the aesthetics of the PV system, but it also prevents pests such as pigeons and squirrels from nesting under the array or chewing on wires.

Installation Guidance 

Always use a minimum of 2 clamps per length of skirt.  Double clamps are for joining 2 skirts together, single clamps are to provide additional support.

Bottom Skirt - Used to improve the look of a PV system, hide cables & rail and improve water runoff.

Sizing - Measure total length of PV panels and purchase skirt and clamps accordingly.

E.g. 8m run = 7 skirts, 6 double clamps & 9 single clamps.  12m run = 11 skirts, 10 double clamps and 13 single clamps

Complete surround - Used to improve the look of a PV system, giving it a sleek finish, and prevent pigeons and rodents from gaining access under the panels.

Sizing - Measure total perimeter and purchase the lengths of PV skirt required (allowing for wastage when cutting the skirt to size) with a double clamp needed for each join and a single clamp needed for each length.  For convenience purchase our pre-cut corner kit.  The corners can then be quickly and easily fitted and then measure the distance remaining between and fit the remaining skirt accordingly.  See our FAQ for more information


See our installation instructions for more information