Monitoring & Maintenance

Monitoring your commercial solar system is vital to lose any potential system downtime, losing not only Feed-in Tariff income but also resulting in more energy being imported from the grid.  Having an effective monitoring system in-place easily covers its cost in reducing losses.

Titan Eco provides monitoring to over 4MW of commercial solar all over the UK.

Our monitoring and maintenance packages up to 250kWp are

  1. Data only - £8 + VAT per month - This provides performance monitoring and alerts if the system is underperforming.  This covers for the data package and any adjustments to the readings online.  This does not include any monitoring of the system by Titan Ecoor any maintenance.

  2. Remote monitoring - £20 + VAT per month - This covers active monitoring from Titan Eco and regular performance reports

  3. Remote monitoring & maintenance - £50 + VAT a month - this covers the above as well as a site visit once a year to assess the system, check the fuses, check for broken panels, check the inverters including their data logs, and present a report showing whether the system is on-track or not.

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