The rise and rise of electric cars

Back in 2011 when we were originally involved in commercial solar, the UK government started to bring in incentives to buy electric cars, which led us to invest in solar car canopies, sure that this was the next big thing.

Alas the biggest selling electric car was the Nissan Leaf which barely did 100 miles on a charge and only sold just over 600 units that year in the UK, followed by slightly more in 2012. The electric car revolution had arrived with a whimper, and solar car canopies, intended to charge electric cars, fell flat.

Fast forward to 2016 and Tesla is leading the charge, producing cars with a range of over 220 miles to a single charge and a speed that can beat most super cars off the line (type "Tesla ludicrous mode" into Youtube if you don't believe us"). Sales are surging. In particular their Model 3, due in late 2017, which will have a range as above, and a price tag of under £30,000, global pre-orders are over 500,000!!

With battery prices falling, a range of over 200 miles that will cost you less than a tenner

affordability in line with a conventional car, amazing acceleration and now the ability for the cars to self-drive and update their own software, its easy to see why they are so exciting.

Tesla has also brought out its solar battery storage solution for houses with solar PV, and aims to integrate solar with battery storage with its car charging technology to create a seamless, energy efficient, home and transport solution.

And not to be left behind just about every other car manufacturer is now bringing out a raft of models, driving prices lower and increasing demand.

Titan Eco Biz Comment - to be part of this growing market is easy, there are several leading charging manufactures out there such as Chargemaster, Pod Point, Rolec and others, all offering great fast charging solutions that companies can install for businesses. Contact us for more information on installation options.

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