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Switch to Octopus - it makes sense and here is why

Octopus Energy is a breath of fresh air in the UK energy sector.  They are 100% green, have a range of innovative tariffs and are one of the only UK companies to offer a export tariff for Solar PV customers that don't have a Feed-in-Tariff.   And its easy to see why

  • Uses 100% Green Electricity - a true Eco Titan, 100% of their tariffs use green electricity.  Backed by Octopus investments, the UK's largest investor in solar power and responsible for almost 40% of the nations large scale solar generation.  You can even carbon offset the gas you use.

  • WHICH recommended - The only UK energy provider recommended by Which in 2019, oh and they were the only one in 2018 as well

  • Best for battery storage & electric car charging - Octopus has launched a range of tariffs, not least our favourite tariff, the Octopus Go tariff which offers a 5p rate between 12.30am and 4.30am, perfect for charging your car or topping up your battery storage such as Tesla or Powervault, to be used later in the day when the price rises up to a competitive 14.5p.  This is the rate we recommend our battery customers go for.

  • Great tariff options - As well as the Octopus Go tariff they also have a great range of other tariffs such as Agile Octopus and Octopus Tracker which tracks wholesale prices, letting customers adjust their usage to the cheapest times of the day and save money. 

  • Solar PV Export Tariff Payments - When the Feed-in Tariff ended on the 31st March it meant that anyone putting in a new solar PV system would not receive any financial incentive.  Octopus have helped plug the gap, one of the few UK companies to do so, but offering a export tariff of 5.5p for any power exported.  This even works for new PV customers who have installed battery storage as it ensures an income from any surplus power that goes back to the grid when the battery is full.  Perfect for peace of mind during the summer.

  • Easy to switch - Switching takes just 2-minutes and they will handle the rest.  There is also no exit fee or long term lock with Octopus Energy, so if it doesn't work out then its easy to leave. 

  • £50 credit on your first bill - Use our referral code and you will get a £50 credit on your first bill (and we will receive £50 as well)