Flexible Solar

Flexible solar opens a completely new world of possible solar PV applications, allowing installation in situations that were previously not possible using conventional PV panels.

Titan Eco has recently started working with Verditek Solar, a revolutionary solar panel that has the same performance per m2 as a 250w conventional panel, but which weighs only 2kg and can flex up to 15 deg.

Benefits include

  • Ultra Lightweight - reduced weight to 2kg per m2, 6 times less than traditional PV panels of the same size with the same power output as a 3000w panel

  • Flexible - Verditek modules can be installed directly onto curved surfaces without additional structural support and bend up to 15 deg

  • High Efficiency - the use of monocrystalline top of the range solar cells guarantees the same energy output as conventional PV panels of the same size

  • Warranty - Backed by a 10-year product guarantee and 85% after 10 years output warranty

  • Easy to install - Can be quickly and easily installed using solutions such as industrial velco

Potential applications include

  • Low Load Bearing Rooves - Including mounting system standard PV panels are up to 18kg per m2.  Verditek Solar is less than 2kg per m2

  • Solar Car Park - Traditional solar car parks have been over-engineered to account for the weight and the sail effect.  Flexible solar panels allow for more attractive designs.

  • Building Integrated - The ultra light-weight properties allow developers and architects to concentrate on aestehtics and pure design.

  • Portable Solar - A key benefit is that because its so low in weight its easy to transport in bulk, giving you 8 times the amount of solar generation for the same weight.


Check out our SolarEdge Monitoring Page

We have installed Verditek flexible solar panels in an array alongside conventional panels to assess their performance and have found that their 200w panel is comparable to a standard 250w panel.  Contact us for more details

If your interested in investigating opportunities to use flexible solar, please get in touch at solar@titaneco.co.uk

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