Use your spare solar energy to mine cryptocurrencies

Have you ever fancied investing in cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin?  Now you can mine them yourself using your excess solar power.

In the UK the launch of generous Feed-in Tariffs led to a boom in the number of residential and commercial solar systems being installed as customers looked to earn an income from the FiT.  However with most electricity consumption often lower in the summer and with production concentrated in the middle 4 - 6 hours of the day a large proportion of electricity goes back to the grid for free.

How does it work?

There are currently over 600 mineable coins, with many smaller ones much more profitable to mine than Bitcoin.  The rigs are essentially very powerful computers which mine the coins.  The only cost to run the rigs is electricity.  Its easy to switch between coins to build up a portfolio and spread the risk and earn a ROI of up to 6% a month.

Titan Eco works with businesses and homeowners who have installed solar to install batteries to store their surplus solar energy to be used in the evening, and to look at using their batteries to charge from the grid using off-peak electricity as low as 6p, maximising the use of their generated solar energy and minimising their electricity bills.

What mining rigs are available



2 x 1080i Setup

Low entry point rig.  Consumes 435w when power optimised which equals 10.44kWh a day, 3,811kWh a year.

Suits 4kWp to 10kWp Solar PV systems or smaller with battery storage and off-peak charging.

£3,333 + VAT



4 x 1080i Setup

Mid range, mid power rig.  Consumers 870w when power optimised which equals 20.88kWh a day, 7,621kWh a year.

Suits 10kWp to 30kWp Solar PV systems or smaller with battery storage and off-peak charging.

£6,666 + VAT



6 x 1080ti Setup

Most powerful, highest earnings and highest resale value.  Consumers 1300 when power optimised which equals 31.2kWh a day, 11,388kWh a year.

Suits 15kWp - 50kWp Solar PV systems or smaller with battery storage and off-peak charging.

£8,333 + VAT

Looking for something bigger?
Mining at scale gives bigger economies of scale with price reductions on larger orders of equipment.  Rigs can be installed in air conditioned containers, maximising profits and working with Titan Eco we can ensure that your running costs are as low as possible and ensuring that your profit is as high as possible.
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