Save Money on your Electricity Bill

Solar PV

Solar photovolatic panels convert sunlight into electricity.  The Feed-in Tariff has dropped but costs have as well, and for houses and businesses who use a lot of the power the return on investment is still 10% - 14% a year. 

Energy Monitoring

Accurate monitoring of your electricity supply can show you where your energy is being consumed at appliance or circuit level, which can help encourage energy saving behaviour and lead you to identify the power hogs in your home or business.

PV Monitoring

A lot of Solar PV systems have been installed without any or inadequate monitoring, meaning that if your system switches off for some reason and you don't spot it it can cost you hundreds or thousands of pounds.  There are a range of monitors available on the market which will help limit downtime and identify any underperformance.

Solar PV Battery Storage

A solar PV battery storage device stores the solar PV energy that you don't use in the day so that it can be used later when you do need it.  As solar PV produces the majority of its energy in the few hours either side of midday, its a great way to ensure that you keep the energy rather than see it go back to the grid, helping you to become energy independent.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps work like a refrigerator in reverse, extracting ambient heat from the air (Air Source) or from the ground (Ground Source), and then concentrating the heat to give your property an efficient source of heat and hot water.