Consulting Services

We are currently working with a number of renewable companies to provide them additional revenue generation services to work with their existing and future customers to generate additional revenues.  Services that we have set up include - 

New Strings

We can help you add new business services to your company to easily generate new revenue

  • Upgrade your customers solar PV systems - Improves system performance and includes free monitoring for life.

  • Solar buyback - Earn up to £1,000 per residential sale - easy to administer service to add revenue

  • Energy brokering - Easy to setup, earn up to thousands by helping your commercial customers save money on their electricity

  • Electric car chargers - Install car charging points from the leading suppliers including Tesla

  • Battery storage - help customers become off-grid including application to install Tesla charging points

  • New lead generation - Reworking existing pipelines and generate fresh leads

  • Monitoring, maintenance & servicing contracts - Set up new cash flow by offering support and monitoring to existing commercial and residential customers

  • Energy monitoring - Offer commercial energy monitoring services to cut consumption

  • LED lighting - LED lighting can save businesses thousands on their electricity bill as well as provide improved lighting in an office or warehouse

  • Carbon offsetting - offer carbon offsetting to customers to help them become carbon neutral.


Reduce your overheads, outsource work to us instead

  • Grid application - We can apply to the grid on your behalf for your customers

  • Planning permission - We have a 100% success rate for renewables planning applications

  • OFGEM application - Any Solar PV systems above 50kWp need to be accredited directly with OFGEM.  We can help you through this process

  • Aerial Imaging and Filming - Titan Eco has CAA approved, fully insured drone pilots who can take photos and videos of your installations from the air to give you some better images to use for marketing purposes



A professional looking website and marketing campaign can set you above the rest

  • New website - New website design on a low cost, easy to manage, platform that doesn't leave you at the mercy of web developers prices everytime you want to add an image

  • Improved social media presence - Optimise facebook, twitter, linekedin, checkatrade and many others to help your business

  • Email marketing - Email marketing is a great way to get your business services in front of customers and generate income